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Tune In

My Vibraaation

Tune In


Take time to tune into yourself. Check in, find out what you're holding onto and where you need to balance. Is there tension in your body? Where can you let go? What can you manifest for yourself? Can you shift towards greater alignment with your higher aspects and the universe. Can you begin to integrate the things you've suppressed for fear of not being accepted as you are. The time has come for you to fully be you, the authentic you. This is what we need now. Become whole again. Remain curious, find the magic. Open up to yourself, dive into the heart and heal the wounds you carry. Remember. You are not alone, for if you seek guidance it will come. You just have to quiet your mind enough to listen.

Meditation is so absolutely vital when it comes to self exploration. It allows us to dive beneath the surface of our egos, our beliefs, the labels, the stories we tell ourselves. You begin to notice that you just are, without all that extra stuff. You begin to realize that all of these labels we've assigned ourselves do not actually define us. You realize that you are the witness, you are the observer. You are consciousness and you exist separate of this body. You realize that the body is like a vehicle, it is like a house for our consciousness. We are connected to the body yes, but it is not actually "us". The body serves as a physical vehicle to aid in our experience of consciousness by allowing us to learn about ourselves in a physical perspective. Meditation can bring you into an awareness of true connection with the body, with the Earth, with ancestors, spirit guides, higher self and more. We are far more then we've have been told. It's time to remember your true nature, your true power and your true connection with all things. We have so much exploring to do.

So ask yourself am I ready to tap in? Am I ready to explore my beliefs and why I hold them? Am I ready to take up the responsibility to be fully aware of what energies I hold? Take time to explore your inner worlds for there is much to see. Share love and gratitude to yourself, to Mother Earth who holds space for this experience and to Great Spirit the source of all things. Share love, shine light, be you.